Killing Eve's Jodie Comer has opened up about tackling her hormonal skin

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Killing Eve actress (and celebrity we most want to be best buds with) Jodie Comer is back on our screens, playing narcissist assassin Villanelle in Season 3 of the hit show,


It's hard to believe that behind all those convincing accents and all that sociopathic on-screen behaviour, there's a bubbly Liverpudlian girl suffering from skin breakouts and eating too many chocolate digestive biscuits like the rest of us.

In a recent interview, Jodie opened up about how she was passing the time in lockdown, and it mostly included pilates, trying not to drink wine in the sun, and sticking to her much-improved skincare routine.

"When I was in high school, I literally used to baby wipe my face. I’m mortified to admit this," she told the New York Times. "

She went on to admit that it took London facialist Jasmina Vico to educate her on the importance of skincare, and how skin is often a signal for what's going on in your body.

"I recently changed my contraceptive, and my skin has gone crazy," she revealed. "I didn’t realize how much hormones can freak out. I’ve always had kind of good skin — I’m really lucky. Now, it’s like, Whoa! I know, I know, I’m trying to not be a drama queen. Being indoors so much more probably doesn’t help and disturbs everything a bit."

And the skincare brand she swears by now? (brace yourself, it's pricey!)

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"I’m on a routine with a step-by-step with Noble Panacea products. The brand approached me, and I liked how the products complement one another. I find the serum kind of great if you’re working out. I have oily combination skin, and I don’t want anything heavy on my skin when I work out, but I don’t want it feeling dry either. The serum hydrates just enough."

Jodie also swears by the brand's eye cream and moisturiser (it has a gorgeous consistency, apparently), and uses the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush on Sundays. The self-confessed make-up lover is also off make-up for now, letting her skin breathe like the rest of the world... as well as watching her amazing performance in Killing Eve while drinking wine and eating too many chocolate digestive biscuits? Us too.

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