Kila Fairy offers reward for her missing cat



17 Mar – Kila Fairy is pleading for anybody who took her beloved cat to return it to her, and promised a huge reward to anybody who finds it.

The actress recently posted several photos of her British Shorthair and Russian Blue mixed breed feline friend on social media, and wrote, "To the person who took my son, please return him back to me. If you want a grey cat, I'll get you one but please please please give me back my Kovu."

"Guys, please check your surroundings, your neighbour's cats and text this number if you see a grey cat or Kovuji himself."

Kila even promised a RM2,000 reward for anybody who could return Kovu to her, and added several details about the said kitty, including the fact that it is ten years old and has no front fangs.

The actress revealed that Kovu had been missing since the morning of 27 February around USJ 9/5G Subang Jaya area.


Kila offers a reward for her cat's return
Kila offers a reward for her cat's return


(Photo Source: Kila Fairy IG)