Pennsylvania Kids Rejoice After Being Told School Canceled for the Day

As a nor’easter dumped heavy snow across the Philadelphia region on December 16, a group of students in nearby Wayne, Pennsylvania, rejoiced as they were told school was canceled for the next day.

Rachel Donoghue’s three children were outside sledding with friends when she got a message from their school that the following day’s classes would be canceled due to the storm.

Moments later, Donoghue recorded her neighbor Greg Swindells as he walked out to inform the kids of the recent news.

“I have an announcement,” Swindells says. “No school tomorrow,” he yells, followed by an eruption of cheers and celebration from the children.

Donoghue said her children’s school has implemented a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning, but the kids have not been able to see each other much outside of structured class time due to the coronavirus.

“Such a tough year for the world and this really captured the pure joy that these kids have missed for so long,” she told Storyful. Credit: Rachel Donoghue via Storyful