Will Kids Decide Who Wins the Streaming Wars?

Tim Baysinger
·1-min read

As the streaming era heats up, winning over kids (and their parents’ money) may separate the winners from the losers. As most parents already know way too well, your kids pretty much control most decisions in your daily life, from when you wake up in the morning to, increasingly, what streaming services are worth forking over that monthly fee. (You try telling your kids they can’t watch Bugs Bunny anymore.) WarnerMedia this week became the latest to realize how outsized the importance is among these bite-sized viewers. As part of a slew of announcements Wednesday during the company’s Kids and Family Upfront presentation, HBO Max and Cartoon Network are launching a new preschool programming block, Cartoonito, which is aiming to have 50 titles available within the next two years. The block will air on Cartoon Network in the mornings and be available as a streaming channel within HBO Max. Also Read: HBO Max, Cartoon Network Launch New Block of Shows for Preschoolers Featuring Bugs Bunny and More “Cartoonito will be WarnerMedia’s biggest commitment to preschool in 100 years,” Tom Ascheim, president of Warner Bros.’ global kids, young adults and classics businesses. To that end, Warner Bros. is backing that today’s...

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