Kidnapping victim escaped after 3 days of confinement, police say in announcing charges

Three days after a man was kidnapped, restrained, robbed and beaten, he managed to escape to a local hospital, Calgary police say in announcing charges against two women and a man.

On Wednesday, Calgary police said they'd laid more than 50 charges against the three.

This incident is believed to be drug-related, according to investigators.

Victim lured to hotel

On May 6, around 1 p.m., the victim showed up at the Emerald Hotel & Suites in the northeast community of Sunridge.

He believed he was meeting a woman he knew. But when he arrived, there was a man there as well. Calgary police say the man was also known to the victim.

The pair held the victim at a hotel room for several hours before he was forced into a vehicle and taken to a home in the northwest community of Thorncliffe.

"The victim was restrained, threatened and assaulted at this location for several days before being transported back to the Emerald Hotel & Suites," according to CPS in a release issued Wednesday.

Taser, guns and blow torch seized

Once he was back at the hotel, the man was able to escape and get to a nearby hospital, where he reported the incident to police.

Officers showed up at the Emerald Hotel and took several people into custody.

During a search of the hotel room, police seized three guns, a staple gun, a mini blow torch, a homemade stun gun and several rounds of ammunition.

Samantha Lawrence, 30, John Aldrich, 36, and Kaitlyn Marlene Elliott, 29, have been charged.

Lawrence faces 30 charges, including kidnapping, assault, robbery and firearms offences.

Aldrich faces 17 charges, similar to Lawrence's.

Elliott's charges include kidnapping, assault, robbery and fabricating evidence.

Others were initially taken into custody but were released without charges.