Kid Rock stands by his 2019 drunken rant against Oprah, Joy Behar — but admits he confused Kathie Lee Gifford with Kathy Griffin

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Kid Rock isn't sorry for lashing out at Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar at his Nashville bar in Nov. 2019.

Two-and-a-half years after TMZ reported on the "All Summer Long" singer's expletive-filled drunken rant, which the outlet called "truly an ugly sight to behold," he spoke to Tucker Carlson for the broadcaster's latest Fox Nation original, Life of a Rockstar: Kid Rock, about his remarks.

Kid Rock says he stands by 2019 comments about Oprah and Joy Behar. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Kid Rock says he stands by 2019 comments about Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar. (Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

"A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts," Rock, born Robert Ritchie, told Carlson. "I own what I said."

Furthermore, Rock declined to take the words back.

"I don't apologize to anybody," he said. "I'm not an Oprah Winfrey fan. I got drunk and f*****' next thing, I'm on stage [saying] f*** Oprah…."

Just after the rant first surfaced, Rock explained that he didn't like Winfrey because of the way his team's request for him to do her show had allegedly been received.

Rock had previously slammed Behar, a liberal voice on The View, during a Fox News interview in 2018.

Yahoo Entertainment has reached out to reps for both Winfrey and Behar.

However, Rock did seem to regret his words against former talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford, which he uttered at the same time. The Trump supporter had meant to take on another famous Kathy.

"I was trying to go after Kathy Griffin you know, for holding up Trump's head, but I'm so out of it I'm like 'f*** Kathie Lee Gifford,'" Rock admitted. "When it comes back on TMZ or whatever a few weeks later I'm like 'Oh man, I like Kathie Lee Gifford.' We've been kind of friendly throughout the years."

Carlson's new interview with the musician includes a tour of his ranch, which, according to the network, "includes a camouflage double-wide trailer that he's been living in while building a replica White House nearby."

In a March interview with Carlson, Rock said he believes he "crawled out of the womb with both middle fingers in the air." He argued that he's "uncancelable, because I don't give a f***."

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