Kharkiv regional prosecutor investigates death

STORY: The mother of the victim, Olha Kotenko, said that together with her husband Volodymyr, they carried the remains of their son, also called Volodymyr, from the scene on Kharkiv's city borders to their home by foot.

According to a preliminary report by the prosecutor's office, Volodymyr Kotenko was in the the passenger seat as his friend drove on March 15.

Olha Kotenko said that her son and his friend "were helping people, handing out medicine. They were volunteering."

The report claims that the car met a column of Russian tanks while the area was occupied by Russian forces.

A policeman on the scene said that it appeared that a tank fired a shot through the windshield from a distance of 15 meters.

Volodymyr's friend and driver survived the attack.

The parents were called to the scene and started collecting the remains of their son and carried them over their shoulders to their village some 14 kilometers away.

They buried their son in their backyard as the local cemetery did not conduct burials under occupation.

At least four civilians were killed and several wounded in Russian shelling of the city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine on Thursday (May 26), local authorities said.

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