Kharkiv police share tearful clip of mom, son reunion

STORY: The video, released on Facebook by the Patrol Police of Kharkiv Region, shows officers gathered around a gated building in the village of Tsyrkuni, Kharkiv, with one officer comforting the mother in Russian by saying “there, there” as she opens the door.

Her son is then seen walking towards her and the pair embrace with a long hug, while the mother can be heard sobbing in his arms. Another woman joins the pair's embrace.

Reuters cannot independently verify the content of the video.

The Patrol named the officer as patrolman Andriy Sikalenko in the video’s caption, and said the “occupiers separated the policeman from his family for 74 long days,” for most of which there was no contact with his mother, Halyna Vasylivna.

The Patrol Police said the video was filmed on Sunday, which also coincides with the country’s Mother’s Day holiday.

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