Kharkiv Oblast situation deteriorates, enemy moves detected – Syrskyi

Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi
Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi

The battle continues along the state border with Russia in Kharkiv Oblast, where the situation remains challenging, but Ukrainian forces are fully committed to maintaining their lines and positions, said Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Syrskyi on Facebook on May 12.

He mentioned that the front remains tense, with Russian forces actively attacking Ukrainian troops across several sectors to push deeper into Ukraine.

Syrskyi said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are engaged in intense combat, successfully thwarting Russian breakthrough attempts.

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“Our intelligence, artillery, and drone units are operational. We're aware of the enemy's plans and are responding flexibly to their moves,” said Syrskyi.

He added that all necessary steps are being taken to bolster defenses, and decisions, including personnel changes, are made swiftly.

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Meanwhile, the situation is rapidly evolving in the Kupyansk, Siversk, Lyman, and Pokrovsk sectors. Syrskyi stated that while the enemy has made some gains in certain areas, Ukrainian forces are effectively pushing back and improving their tactical positions.

In the Kramatorsk sector, he reported that the invaders continue their efforts to capture Chasiv Yar, persisting in their offensive east of the town. Additionally, Russian forces are unsuccessfully trying to reclaim positions in the Klishchiyivka area.

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“Despite the challenging conditions at the front, we are rotating units to allow our military to rest and restore the combat readiness of our brigades,” Syrskyi added.

Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast

Russian occupation forces attempted to penetrate Ukraine's defenses near Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast at 5 a.m. on May 10. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Ukrainian defenders repelled the attack.

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The Russians also heavily shelled border settlements.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Russian troops had initiated a new wave of counteroffensives on this front. He also announced the redeployment of Ukrainian forces to the Kharkiv sector.

The General Staff reported on May 10 that ongoing battles in Strilecha, Pylna, Borysivka, Oliynykove, and Ohirtseve in Kharkiv Oblast. Ukrainian forces also launched counterattacks near Lyptsi and Vovchansk.

The White House acknowledged that Russian occupiers were preparing for a "larger" offensive on Kharkiv.

On the morning of May 11, media outlets reported that Russian troops had resumed assault operations near the village of Hlyboke in Kharkiv Oblast.

That same day, Nazar Voloshyn, a spokesman for the Khortytsia Strategic-Operational Group of Troops, told national TV that Russian forces in Kharkiv Oblast were contained in a "gray zone" and had halted their advance.

Earlier, DeepState reported that Russian forces had occupied several villages in the border areas of Kharkiv Oblast.

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