Kharkiv flats wrecked in attack blamed on Russia

STORY: Two apartment blocks as well as a railways station were hit leaving no-one injured.

Pensioner Pavlo Bodrov showed Reuters how his kitchen's outer wall cracked due to the shock wave from the explosion.

"Just everything was blown out... Of course it is scary... I don't know..." he said with tears in his eyes, inspecting a damaged window frame that his son managed to repair as necessary.

According to a preliminary police report, Tornado-S 'Smerch' missiles launched from Russia hit the second largest Ukrainian city.

Oleh Synehubov, head of the region's military administration, said on Telegram that Russian missiles damaged two apartment buildings in Kharkiv, wounding one person and leaving 10 people trapped in their homes.

Rescue servicemen managed to evacuate all the people, Synehubov added.