Key data on COVID-19 boosters weeks away -Fauci

Health officials say key data needed on Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine booster shots is just weeks away.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that Americans should wait on booster shots until they are given Food and Drug Administration approval - though health officials signaled they expect boosters will ultimately be recommended for most people.

On Friday, an FDA advisory panel recommended a third shot of the two-dose Pfizer vaccine for people age 65 and older, or at high risk of severe COVID-19. The board declined to endorse boosters for the wider population.

Though the FDA is not bound by the panel's recommendation, it will take it into consideration when deciding whether to recommend a third round of shots.

Fauci said officials are working to get the latest data on Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines to the FDA as quickly as possible.

Officials also signaled the timeline for vaccine authorization for children 5-11 years old is coming in the weeks ahead.

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