Kevin Spacey Chokes Up In Piers Morgan Interview, Says He’s Broke: “I Can’t Pay My Bills”

“I have nothing to hide and I want to live a more open life than the one that I did,” said Kevin Spacey in his first lengthy interview since winning most of the sexual misconduct suits against him over the past several years. (The actor did have a much shorter conversation with NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo last month.)

Today’s hour-plus interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored covered not just the allegations against him, but the two time Oscar winner’s mental state, his sexuality, his childhood and his much-impacted finances.

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Spacey choked up as he said his home in Baltimore is in foreclosure and would be auctioned at a fire sale.

“I’m not quite sure where I’m going to live now,” said Spacey, who also maintains that he is broke and still owes millions in legal fees.

“I’ve spent so many years not wanting to talk about myself and avoiding questions about my personal life and my sexuality,” said Spacey, who identifies as gay. He also said his mother failed to defend him from his neo-Nazi father.

After allegations made by actor Anthony Rapp in 2017, Spacey says he was “in a very, very dark place.”

Rapp said in a 2017 BuzzFeed article — and on the witness stand — that in 1986, when he was 14, a 26-year-old Spacey physically picked him up “like a groom picks up a bride,” placed him on a bed, and then climbed on top of him in an attempt to initiate sex. Spacey again today denied the charges, saying that Rapp and a friend had only come to his home to meet the House of Cards star’s dog. A jury found him not liable in a 2022 sexual misconduct lawsuit brought by Rapp.

Asked to explain why Rapp may have said what he said, Spcaey talked of forgiveness and offered, “I hope that someday Anthony Rapp may accept that he had a faulty memory.”

Rapp’s sexual misconduct allegations are among several that made Spacey an early focus of the #MeToo movement in 2017. Last year, the House of Cards and American Beauty star was found not guilty on nine charges at London’s Southwark Crown Court, including sexual assault, for crimes which were alleged to have been committed between 2001 and 2013 and related to four men.

Spacey will face a civil trial in the UK next year after being sued by a man who alleges the actor sexually assaulted him. The man, who has been granted anonymity by the court, claims he “suffered psychiatric damage and other financial loss” as a result of the alleged sexual assault.

Also, he is on the hook for $31 million awarded to House of Cards producers Media Rights Capital because the claims hastened the end of the show and were deemed a breach of his acting and producing agreements.

A two-part documentary, Spacey Unmasked, aired last month in the UK and is now streaming on Max. It examines Spacey’s alleged sexual misconduct, including a claim that he allegedly groped another House of Cards actor on set.

Regardless, says the actor, “I’ve come out of all this not bitter, not angry, not resentful.”

Asked about his character flaws, Spacey replied, “There were bouts with arrogance. There were bouts with ego…My goal is now to prove that I am a man of good character.”

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