Kerry Washington tells “Scandal” costar Tony Goldwyn she’s 'upgraded' his life with 'Black Wife Effect' trend

Olivia Pope did more than save Fitz' career — she gave him a glow up.

Kerry Washington is rightfully claiming some credit for Scandal costar Tony Goldwyn's glow up.

On Tuesday, Washington riled up Olitz fans by sharing her entry into the #BlackWifeEffect trend: a video tracking Goldwyn before and after she entered his life as the Olivia Pope to his Fitzgerald Grant.

“Tony! I’ve upgraded your life in so many ways #BlackWifeEffect, and today I’m adding one more,” Washington wrote on Instagram, before encouraging him (and fans) to register to vote. “Go upgrade your voter registration status to REGISTERED 😜. Love you!!!!!!”

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The video follows all the hallmarks of the Black Wife Effect trend that’s been circulating TikTok: set to the tune of Tommy Richman’s “Million Dollar Baby,” Washington makes the argument that having her as an onscreen wife sparked a serious glow up for Goldwyn, by comparing younger photos of him to those taken once the characters were together.

<p>Mitch Haaseth/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty</p> Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on 'Scandal'

Mitch Haaseth/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on 'Scandal'

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Washington and Goldwyn spent seven scandalous seasons embroiled in a rocky on-and-off romance as Fitz and Olivia, a politician and his fixer. They overcame kidnappings, stolen elections, self-sabotage, and 124 episodes worth of drama together as the star crossed lovers of D.C.

The onscreen couple tied the knot in season 6 and initially endured a bumpy aftermath, but found their way back together by the time the 2018 series finale rolled around.

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Since ending the show, Goldwyn and Washington have kept the Olitz love alive with mini-reunions and plenty of social media posts referencing their time on the show.

As for whether they could ever return to screens, Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes has at least expressed interest in revisiting Washington’s fierce political fixer. Asked in 2023 which of her Shondaland characters she would revisit, Rhimes said, "Olivia Pope. I like that character so much, even when she was bad. I like that character so much, she's very interesting."

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