Kerala: Jawahar Balajanavedi chief protests against Child Rights Commission's chairman appointment

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], June 27 (ANI): Dr GV Hari, Chairman of Jawahar Balajanavedi on Friday protested outside Kerala Social Justice Department's office against the appointment of Advocate KV Manojkumar as the new Chairman of the Child Rights Commission.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Hari said, "We find his appointment as a political rehabilitation. We planned the Child Rights Commission with global perception. It is not like other commissions. As the number of POCSO cases is very high in Kerala and politicizing Child Rights Commission is not going to help the issue."

"We will fight against this both politically and judicially. Manojkumar does not have any qualification to be the Chairman of this commission," he added.

Dr Hari demanded the removal of Manojkumar from the present post.

"I request the government to appoint persons who have experience in this field. We have started the Child Rights Commission in 2013 and have appointed people with good experience in administration. Manojkumar only has 14 years of experience in the court. A total of 26 persons were listed for this post. For me, he is the person with the least qualifications. If the government is not changing him we will fight legally," Dr Hari said.

Opposition members are terming Manojkumar's appointment, as "political". (ANI)