Kenyan woman and ex-cop form unusual business partnership

Naomy is an extraordinary woman in Kenya, Africa. She is modest and humble but her heart is enormous. She takes of her family through farming in a very harsh climate. The soil near her home is difficult to farm so she travels five hours by bus to a rented plot where she grows corn, carrots, and other vegetables. She sells vegetables at the market near her farm and returns when she makes enough money for the family and the cost of the bus. This is no small task in a world where $3-4 in sales is a successful day. Some days are much less. Naomy lives with her grandparents in a basic home without water or electricity. They get by with kerosene for lighting and salvaged wires for clothes lines. She charges her phone at a nearby barbershop and treks 2km to the nearest source of water. It is a drainage ditch beside a road where water collects. They fill plastic jugs to haul water back home that they need for drinking, washing, and cooking. Kenya can be an unforgiving and difficult place to live. But despite the challenges, Naomy has taken on an extra responsibility. Young Emmanuel was abandoned by his parents when he was two years old. Naomy welcomed him into her family. She has been caring for him for seven years, feeding him, providing clothes, and paying for his schooling, one of the biggest expenses that she faces. Naomy realized that she needed help. Her grandparents were ill and needed food. She prayed and worried about what to do and then reached out to strangers in other countries through Facebook. She saw profiles of four random people that she hoped could give her some assistance. She asked each for money to help her family. Three of the responses were blunt suggestions to get a job instead of begging. These folks thought Naomy was a scammer. Naomy felt discouraged and helpless. One of the requests reached David from Ontario, Canada. Equally suspicious of requests for money, David told Naomy he couldn't help. She answered with a very polite and gracious message, thanking him for the kind answer. David is a retired police officer who is familiar with how to look into a situation like this to see if it is real. He looked through Naomy's profile and saw a young woman who was exactly who she had claimed to be. He dug deeper and found that she had been completely honest and sincere. It was obvious that she did need help. David began talking with Naomy, asking questions about the world that she lived in. She was friendly, kind, and hard working, doing what she could in a tough situation. David and his wife are avid gardeners themselves, so they had a lot to talk about. They exchanged pictures and videos of their countries, comparing food, animals, people, and living conditions. Naomy shared pictures of a boy named Emmanuel. When asked, she explained that she had adopted him when he was abandoned. This is a common occurrence in such a desperate world. Naomy had been abandoned by her own parents and she would not see Emmanuel grow up with the same feeling. She took him in as her own, even though she had little to share. David was impressed with such compassion and generosity. It was clear that Naomy truly deserved some help. Emmanuel was no longer in school because the fees had been unpaid and Naomy couldn't earn money quickly enough with her small farm. A few years ago, David had accidentally stumbled on an ability to make money with videos through the Rumble platform. He knew that Naomy's videos were fascinating and that others might be as interested in her world as he was. He suggested that they upload videos she had sent. Because she would be sending some new clips that David asked for, there would be significant costs for data. David sent money to cover this, effectively buying the videos from her to upload to Rumble. As hoped, the videos earned a little money immediately. For several months, they worked together to create a monthly income. Naomy receives all of it. Emmanuel's school fees were now covered for the next term, plus a little extra for food for the family. In a world where $70-100 is a typical income, the earnings from the videos were making a big difference. Naomy isn't receiving charity. This is a wage that she is earning. She is now actually a "professional videographer". David acts as her editor and publisher. It's a small business partnership that is putting food on the table in Kenya and putting a wonderful young boy through school. David and Naomy will likely never meet. They live on opposite sides of the world. But despite the distance, a friendship and a partnership has been formed that will make things a little easier for this beautiful little family. David was asked by a few people what could be done to help Naomy. A GoFundme was created that David manages. He can send funds directly to Naomy through his bank. Every dollar reaches Naomy and her family. Any questions can also be addressed to David McNab