Kenyan MP Suspended From Parliament After Distributing Sweets

A Kenyan MP was suspended from parliament for the day after she said she distributed sweets during a session at the Kenya National Assembly in Nairobi on January 5, local news reported.

MP Fatuma Gedi was accused by another MP, Ndindi Nyoro, of bribing members of the house.

“This is an honorable house and we make our decisions based on persuasion and conviction. It is abhorrent to see Madame Gedi distributing money […] to the members to vote […] We cannot have bribery happening in this house,” Nyoro said.

However, when asked by the speaker what she was distributing, Gedi said she was handing out sweets.

“The sugar levels of the honorable members have gone down,” Gedi said.

Both Nyoro and Gedi were suspended from parliament for the rest of the day. Nyoro was suspended from parliament for two days after speaker Soipan Tuya said his bribery claim was misleading. Credit: Parliament of Kenya via Storyful

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