Kenny G Talks Working With The Weeknd, and Becoming Cool, 40 Years Into His Career

Jem Aswad
·1-min read

Time can be a funny thing. Mass popularity always comes with a backlash — ask anyone from Justin Bieber to Jon Bon Jovi — and an artist who was on top of the world can suddenly find themselves dramatically uncool.

But the ever-fluid cycles of popularity and nostalgia can shift, and that artist can also unexpectedly find themselves cool to a new generation — ask anyone from Hall & Oates to Fleetwood Mac — and that seems to have happened with the curly haired saxophone virtuoso Kenneth Gorelick, known to the world as Kenny G.

Now 64, Kenny has been enormously popular since his career began in the early ‘80s — he’s estimated to have sold more than 75 million albums worldwide — yet he’s actually more cool now than he’s ever been before. Last year he guested on Kanye West