Kendall Jenner sparks debate about privilege after employee holds her umbrella for her

Kendall Jenner has sparked a debate over her privilege after she was photographed being shielded from the rain with an umbrella held by a member of her staff.

On Saturday, the 27-year-old reality star stepped out in California with the man, who appears to be either her assistant or bodyguard. During the rainy outing, which saw Jenner dressed casually in black leggings, a blue hoodie sweatshirt, Uggs, and glasses, she was accompanied by the unidentified man, who was photographed holding an umbrella above the model’s head as she made her way to and from her car.

In one image shared by The Sun, Jenner could be seen holding her phone in one hand and what appeared to be car keys in the other as the man held the umbrella angled so that she would not get wet. In another image, the man, who was wearing a hat and a rain jacket with a hood, could again be seen shielding Jenner despite the model not holding anything in her own hands.

The necessity of the help holding Jenner’s umbrella sparked debate on social media, where many questioned why the reality star couldn’t shield herself from the rain.

“She’s so out of touch it’s actually ridiculous,” one person commented under a TikTok video of the controversial choice, while another said: “That’s not right. It doesn’t matter who you are, hold your own f**king umbrella.”

Others suggested Jenner is guilty of “diva behaviour,” while some claimed that the photos solidify the reality star’s label as a “nepotism baby”.

However, while some were critical of Jenner, many others defended the supermodel on the basis that the man is an employee of hers and is being paid to help her.

“That man is getting paid. If he doesn’t give a damn, why do you give a damn? You know why he doesn’t give a damn? Because he’s getting paid. He probably makes more than you,” influencer James Anderson Jefferson Jr said in a TikTok video.


Kendall Jenner forced her bodyguard to stand out in the rain and hold an umbrella over her?! #JamesAndreJeffersonJr #kendalljenner #fyp

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Another person urged critics to “relax,” while pointing out that the help is probably included in the man’s job description. “That is his job!! Relax,” they wrote.

“What’s wrong with that? My husband does it all the time and he doesn’t get paid,” someone else joked, while others claimed that they would also accept the job shielding Jenner from the rain if it meant a decent salary. “I’d be happy to hold her umbrella for probably $100,000 a year,” one user said.

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The photos also prompted another person to remind critics that celebrities are often assisted when it is raining by members of their staff. “You see it all the time with politicians and celebrities, but as soon as a Kardashian/Jenner does it everybody wants to criticise,” they wrote.

However, despite the acknowledgement that the man is being paid to help Jenner, some suggested that she could still hold her own umbrella so that her employee could then do the same.

“I mean it is his job but a decent, kind person would hold their own umbrella so the other person could do the same,” one person wrote.

As of now, Jenner has not addressed the backlash.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Jenner for comment.