Kelly Stafford opens up about abortion rights: 'I would love for my girls to have the right to choose'

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Kelly Stafford is speaking out about abortion rights in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The host of The Morning After podcast, who is married to Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, took the time to speak on the show this week about the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to remove federal protections for abortion rights last month. The mom of four daughters explained that she believes it’s a challenging topic to speak out about because we have lost “compassion” for people who feel differently than we do.

“I would love for my girls to have the right to choose,” Stafford shared. “I think it's an important lesson, like, 'Listen, this is what can happen,' and it's not a decision that I think people take lightly. I think where people get stuck on is, like, just because you agree with wanting someone to be able to choose does not mean that you are, like, so pro-abortion … You can have your issues [with] abortion. You're just saying that every woman should have a right to choose what to do with their body in their future.”

One reason why Stafford said she is pro-choice is because of economic inequity and how abortion bans will affect people who are economically disadvantaged the most.

“Banning abortion, it kills the lower class,” she added. “The middle class and upper class, they're going to find ways — they're going to travel. They're going to go see the right doctors. The lower class are going to find the unsafe ways, or they're going to go through with [pregnancy] and hate every second of it, and also now that child has been born into poverty. It's just continuing that cycle. The parents can't get out now because it's so expensive to have a child.”

Stafford, who says she is religious, shares that she thinks too many people want to fall in line with their political party these days that they “forget to stand with God.”

She added that she wants to support her children should they ever have an unwanted pregnancy.

“I want them to be able to make that decision,” she says. “I'm going to do my best to let them know what can happen when they have sex, obviously, and how their lives can change, but I do want them to have the choice to have an abortion because I don't think that there's no consequences to that. There is a lot of guilt involved in that. I don't think that's a decision that's taken lightly. So I think whatever you decide, you know, it'll change your life regardless.”

While Stafford tends to avoid posting about politics on her social media because “all it's going to do is just open up my DMs,” she called abortion a “social issue.”

“I also think deciding to be pro-choice and thinking that a woman can have control over what she wants to do doesn't mean you're a Democrat. Like, you can be a Republican and agree with this or disagree with what's happening right now. It doesn't change your political party. It's just a social issue,” Stafford explained.

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