Who Is Kelly Slater's Girlfriend? All About Kalani Miller

The 11-time world champion surfer is expecting his first child with his longtime girlfriend, Kalani Miller

<p>Kalani Miller/Instagram</p> Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller

Kalani Miller/Instagram

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller

Meet Kelly Slater's girlfriend.

The 11-time world champion surfer is in a relationship with Kalani Miller, a surfer and businesswoman who co-founded a popular swimsuit brand in 2008.

The two first met nearly two decades ago at an event in San Diego, California. Miller grew up in the state, while Slater — a Florida native — traveled there often for surf contests and related business.

Miller has shared insight into her relationship with Slater over the years. “I remember exactly seeing him for the first time and like time really did stop," she recalled of the surf legend when speaking with Graham Bensinger in a 2019 interview.

While they keep their relationship pretty private, the longtime couple have shared sweet Instagram tributes to each other on various occasions. "Thank you for letting me and those close to you bathe in your light and thank for giving me the world and beyond 🥰," Miller wrote to Slater on his 52nd birthday in February.

In a birthday tribute to Miller, Slater previously wrote: "Happy birthday, my love! Thanks for adventuring around the globe with me and taking care of our little fluff ball. Some memories over the years...crazy to think of everywhere we’ve been and all the friends we have around the world. Hope your day is beautiful."

Now, Miller and Slater are expecting their first child together. The surfer is also a father to Taylor Slater-Kelleher, whom he welcomed in 1996 with Tamara Mitchell.

Read on to learn more about Kelly Slater's girlfriend, Kalani Miller.

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She's the co-founder of a swimwear brand

<p>Kalani Miller/Instagram</p> Kalani Miller and her sister, Oleema, with whom she co-founded Mikoh swim alongside.

Kalani Miller/Instagram

Kalani Miller and her sister, Oleema, with whom she co-founded Mikoh swim alongside.

Miller co-founded the swimwear brand Mikoh with her sister Oleema Miller. The siblings — who grew up in the small beach town of San Clemente, California — draw from their past experiences and knowledge to create a company that thrives.

Miller focuses on the business side of Mikoh, while Oleema, a former sponsored professional surfer, has executed the brand's creative direction and design aesthetic since its launch.

"Creative expression was the spirit of the household and the water was a second home," the swimwear website reads. "The Mikoh line is their statement on swimwear for the modern woman, inspired by a life spent in bikinis and oceans around the world."

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She met Kelly Slater at a surf trade show in San Diego

<p>Kelly Slater/Instagram</p> Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller.

Kelly Slater/Instagram

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller.

Miller and Slater met nearly two decades ago at the ASR trade show trade show in San Diego. The business owner opened up about their initial encounter during a 2019 interview with Bensinger.

“Me and my sisters were working for Roxy, which is the female counterpart of Quicksilver," Miller said of why she was at the trade show. "[Slater] was at the Quicksilver booth and he was in town for the contest at trestles.”

At the time, Miller said that Slater had been riding for Quicksilver for 23 years — and although she had worked with the company “for years and years,” they “never crossed paths."

“It was funny that far into it we see each other,” she said. “I remember exactly seeing him for the first time and like time really did stop.”

She surfs, too!

<p>Kalani Miller/Instagram</p> Kalani Miller stands with a surfboard by the ocean.

Kalani Miller/Instagram

Kalani Miller stands with a surfboard by the ocean.

Miller grew up in a family of surfers — and having been raised in San Clemente with the ocean in her backyard, she was drawn to the sport and lifestyle her whole life. (Plus, she's dating the person who's arguably the greatest surfer of all time!)

Whether she's traveling for her job or to support Slater on tour, Miller's been able to surf amazing waves in some of the most beautiful places on Earth like Hawaii, Bali and Australia. She also rides at Slater's famed Surf Ranch in Leemore, California.

"What a special few days with some of my most loved people (missing a few!!) to celebrate all things good in life. My favorite thing about spending time up there is how happy everyone is… seriously look at how big everyone’s smiles are," wrote Miller in a August 2023 post, recapping their family fun at the ranch on Instagram.

She continued, "I’m always grateful for my time there and it was so beyond fun to spend time in the warm water, share a delicious meal with friends that are like family, trading off waves and laughs, and being surrounded by the incredible team/staff at surf ranch."

She refers to Kelly Slater as her 'ride or die'

<p>Kalani Miller/Instagram</p> Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller

Kalani Miller/Instagram

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller

Miller and Slater are supportive of one another and speak highly of each other in interviews. During a 2019 interview with Bensinger, she referred to the surf champ as her "ride or die" and revealed what she likes about him so much.

"It's rare that you find someone who loves what they do so much... I've always said that," Miller began. "He loves surfing. At the end of the day, surfing comes ahead of everything else. He just really loves it."

"I love how passionate he is about it and is always trying to get better," she continued. "I can always see his mind working away. I like how he's so gracious, he still takes the time to talk to everyone."

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She's been open about marrying Kelly Slater

<p>Mike Coppola/Getty</p> Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller at the 2022 Oscars.

Mike Coppola/Getty

Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller at the 2022 Oscars.

When speaking with Bensinger in 2019, Miller said she "hopefully one day" will get married to Slater and have kids. She went on to detail his jam-packed schedule as a professional athlete, saying that they're "so busy right now."

Miller described their schedule as "very last minute." They work on "Kelly Time," she said with a laugh, which equates to around "five minutes late" or "a little delayed." Since the athlete is always on the hunt for the perfect wave, Miller said they always "have to be ready to drop everything and just go."

In addition to expressing her hopes of tying the knot, Miller opened up about her desire to have children with Slater in the future. "Maybe two or three," she put forth of how many she'd like to have when asked.

Miller said "it would be interesting to see [Slater] try to balance both of those things," in reference to surfing and being a father. "Having to put his competitive nature aside for a second to put a baby first, I think it'd be interesting."

They are expecting their first child together

Roughly five years after Miller opened up about having kids with Slater during her interview with Bensinger in 2019, the couple revealed that they are expecting their first child on March 19, 2024. The announcement was made in a video shared via a joint Instagram reel.

In a black-and-white video, the couple was seen in their swimsuits holding hands as they walked toward the ocean. Once in the water, the two lovingly embraced one another as the waves crashed at their feet. Miller’s growing baby bump was filmed in a close-up shot in which the waves lightly crash into her exposed belly.

The post was accompanied by Ben Harper’s “The Three Of Us.” Miller simply captioned the post, “🤍.”

She and Kelly Slater are proud dog parents

<p>Action The Dog/Instagram</p> Kalani Miller, Kelly Slater and their dog.

Action The Dog/Instagram

Kalani Miller, Kelly Slater and their dog.

While they await the arrival of their baby, Miller and Slater are proud parents to their pup named Action. The dog even has its own Instagram account (@actionthedog) with nearly 10k followers!

"The most spoiled pup traveling with my mom and dad @kalanimiller and @kellyslater 🐾," reads the pup's bio.

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