Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Revealed Their Parents 'Hated' That They Eloped

“None of our parents like the fact that we eloped,” Ripa said on Thursday's episode of 'Live with Kelly and Mark'

<p>DISNEY/Lorenzo Bevilaqua</p> Kelly Ripa (left) and Mark Consuelos

DISNEY/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Kelly Ripa (left) and Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ parents weren't fans of their elopement — at least not at first.

The couple and Live with Kelly and Mark cohosts revealed on the Thursday, June 6 episode of their show that their parents were not immediately on board with the fact that they eloped in Las Vegas in 1996.

“None of our parents like the fact that we eloped,” Ripa, 53, shared, to which Consuelos, 53, agreed, “They [hated] that.”

She added to the audience: “Spoiler alert: if you’re planning on eloping, your parents will hate that.”

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However, Consuelos shared that their parents eventually came around to the idea "10 years later" when he said they “figured out all the money they saved” by not having to pay for a more extravagant wedding.

Despite their parents’ disapproval over how the couple kicked off their married life, the All My Children alum noted she thought her parents would have “arranged” them together if they had the chance.

Courtesy Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos (left) and Kelly Ripa in 1996
Courtesy Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos (left) and Kelly Ripa in 1996

"Really? My parents definitely would have wanted you,” Consuelos said with a laugh. “You think your dad would have said, ‘I like that guy too?’ " Ripa answered, “Yeah definitely ... 100%."

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She went on to say that statistics showed that “the national divorce average is around 50%,” while the “arranged marriage divorce rate is 4%,” which meant that “parents know what they’re talking about.”

The Riverdale actor then questioned whether they would consider arranged marriages for their own children: Michael, 27, Lola, 22, and Joaquin, 21.

“I think [if] we [could] select the kids that our kids are with, we would select those kids. If I could have hand-selected them… but I don’t want to say that,” Ripa admitted. “You don’t want to say too much, ‘cause you know how that goes.”

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Consuelos added that “comments” from parents could even “push” them more “towards that person,” prompting Ripa to note that parents have to “act different” when it comes to their kids.

“Yeah, if you don’t like somebody your child is with, and you express that, they dig in. But if you like them too much then it’s like, ‘Hmm… why does my mom like them.’ So we say nothing,” Ripa shared.

In 2022, Ripa opened up about her elopement during a chat with her former co-host Ryan Seacrest, 49, when he asked about it on their morning show. She also revealed that it cost a total of “$179 for the whole wedding, including the airfare.

"We just had a very normal, very regular wedding," she recalled. "It really is such an efficient way to get married. And it was fun. We were like, 'Now, this is gambling! Woohoo!' "

She also shared that if she and her husband — who had both been 25 at the time — had to “endure a large wedding,” she wasn’t sure if they would “have made it to the wedding."

“There would have been hard feelings and blame all over the place," Ripa shared. "And I can honestly say, we do not feel less married. As a matter of fact, we feel more married than those people, because we're still married."

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