Kelly Ripa Complains Her Hair Is Still Gray After 11 Hours in Color Chair: 'I Don’t Know What to Do'

Ripa previously said that her hair just "wants" to be gray

<p>ABC</p> Kelly Ripa on June 5 episode of


Kelly Ripa on June 5 episode of 'Live with Kelly and Mark'

Kelly Ripa truly understands the struggle of spending hours on your hair and not getting the result you're looking for.

The host of Live with Kelly and Mark candidly shared on the June 5 episode that she did just that recently when she went in for a color sesh the day prior to cover up her grays and the whole thing failed.

"It's still gray," she complained to her husband and cohost, Mark Consuelos.

"It's not gray," he countered.

<p>ABC</p> Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on June 5 episode of 'Live with Kelly and Mark'


Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on June 5 episode of 'Live with Kelly and Mark'

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"I spent, I don’t mind telling you, about 11-teen hours in the hair color chair yesterday," she told the audience prior to sharing that her hair didn't go the way she wanted. Consuelos also told the audience that when he came home, Ripa was still getting her hair done — which is where he left her when he left for the day.

Despite spending nearly half of the day trying to rid the grays, Ripa was disappointed to find that they were still firmly in place (despite what her husband said).

"We sprayed my roots this morning," she explained for why you couldn't actually see the grays. "We sprayed the roots with the darkening spray. So I don’t know what to do at this point. Do I just become full Mrs. Claus, or what am I doing?"

"Try out the gray," he encouraged.

<p>ABC</p> Kelly Ripa showing Mark Consuelos her roots


Kelly Ripa showing Mark Consuelos her roots

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"I don't think I'm there yet," she hedged. "I told you, my hair isn't like, it's not a great gray. It's almost translucent. It's like my hair is see-through. What is it called? Those cellophane noodles. That's what my hair looks like. What do I do with that?"

Consuelos cheekily told her to color it gray.

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<p>John Argueta/ABC</p> Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in 2023

John Argueta/ABC

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos in 2023

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Just weeks ago on the show, Ripa admitted that her hair "wants" to be gray, and she's getting tired of the dyeing process.

“It takes hours and hours,” Ripa said. “And I swear this morning, I still see gray hair. My hair wants to be gray. It just wants to be gray.”

But when Consuelos told her that maybe she should start embracing the grays, she paused. He eventually conceded that she's not ready yet, and she didn't disagree.

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