Kelly Osbourne Confronts Brother Jack For Shooting Her ‘Through’ The Leg In The ’90s

Kelly Osbourne will never forget being shot in the leg by her very own brother, Jack Osbourne.

On this week’s episode of “The Osbournes” podcast, the siblings and their parents — Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon Osbourne — mulled over whether they’d had any “non-self-induced near-death experiences” from the past.

“You shot me,” she told her brother as soon as the topic arose. “You shot me, and I almost died.”

Sharon Osbourne reacted to her daughter’s claim by asking, “Yeah, but, come on, what kind of gun was it?”

While she correctly noted her daughter was shot with a pellet gun (or air rifle) rather than a real firearm, the 39-year-old said the projectile “went straight through my leg and out the other side.” Jack Osbourne even validated her trauma by adding that “you can still kill someone with a pellet gun.”

Their father, who’s had his own fair share of fun in the past, asked his daughter if it “hurt.”

“Dad, it felt like someone putting a hot poker through my leg really fast,” the TV personality replied, “’cause it kind of burnt a bit, I remember. But that wasn’t what was painful about it. The most painful part … was that it was this tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere, England, in the ’90s.”

The Osbournes, from left to right: Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon and Jack.
The Osbournes, from left to right: Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon and Jack. Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

“Their X-ray machine wasn’t working,” she continued. “So they got this long Q-tip, and wrapped it in gauze and dipped it in iodine and poked it through the hole to make sure that there was no bits [of pellet] still [inside my leg].”

Jack Osbourne grimaced as his sister recounted the aftermath before delivering the kind of cheeky apology only an Osbourne could: “My fault as the guy operating the … air rifle, and your fault for running in front of me while I was shooting.”

“Can I ask?” the rock legend said to his family after they agreed it was an accident. “My request: One episode, can we talk about things that we enjoy?”

He added: “Shit, fucking — let’s talk about something happy, you know?”