Kelly Fu keeps mum about backlash over recent outburst

15 Mar – Hong Kong model-actress Kelly Fu would rather not discuss her recent social media outburst regarding Koni Lui's divorce in public, following the backlash from netizens, Mingpao reported.

The actress suffered criticism from many earlier this week, after she decided to respond to Koni's divorce with Dickson Wong by talking about a "black nail polish photo" controversy involving a photo the latter shared on social media six years ago. It is noted that people accused her of having an affair with Dickson as she was known to paint her nails black.

Kelly claimed that people have been sending her messages about Koni's divorce and reminding her about the past issue, and admitted that she was frustrated by the previous scandal. She also seemingly accused the couple of using the rumour for their own gain, adding that all she ever wanted was to be a good actor.

Netizens who read the post expressed dismay over Kelly's behaviour, saying that she was making her friend's heartbreak all about herself. Some also claimed that they didn't even remember the issue if not for Kelly bringing it up herself.

When asked about the backlash recently, Kelly said that she is thankful for the concern and will address the issue on Instagram.

She also took to Facebook, writing, "Why choose to be an artiste? I will answer without hesitation that I choose it because I really like acting. I may not be a successful entertainer. But I will try to be a good actor."

(Photo Source: Kelly Fu Instagram)