Kelly Clarkson forgets her own song in front of Anne Hathaway, again

"Anne Hathaway is my kryptonite," Clarkson said, after not recognizing her own song in front of the "Princess Diaries" star for a second time.

Anne Hathaway is Kelly Clarkson's "kryptonite," the singer and talk show host said on Tuesday.

Hathaway was a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022 when Clarkson went viral for not recognizing her own song during a game of "Name That Tune." Well, Hathaway was back on April 30, and it happened again. The pair were playing "Pop Pop Quiz," a game where they had to guess songs based on partial lyrics.

"Oh no, it's happening again," Hathaway said as she was beating Clarkson in the game. Then Ambur Ruffin, who was hosting the game, read a question that referenced Clarkson forgetting the lyrics to her own music, ending with a line from her song "Stronger." Clarkson beat Hathaway to the punch this time, completing the lyrics before announcing, "That's Christina Aguilera!"

Clarkson later came clean to the cameras. "So, you'll notice, America, if you know my catalogue at all — 'cause I don't — I thought I was singing Christina Aguilera's song 'Fighter,' and I was singing mine," she said. "'Stronger.' It's one of those days. Anyway, Anne Hathaway is my kryptonite. It's fine."

The first time it happened, Hathaway was winning a game of "Name That Tune" when the host demanded, "Can y'all play a frickin' song I'll know?!" The band began to play her hit "Since U Been Gone," but Hathaway beat her to the punch, and Clarkson collapsed to the ground in faux shame.

There's clearly something about being in the presence of the Princess Diaries star that makes Clarkson forget herself.

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