Kelly Clarkson is Filling in for Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent' This Week

Rebecca Norris
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Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

From Country Living

  • Kelly Clarkson is a coach on The Voice, but for a limited time, however, she’ll be joining the America’s Got Talent Judges.

  • The 38-year-old singer is taking Simon Cowell’s spot this weekwhile he’s recovering from an accident.

Fans of Kelly Clarkson and America’s Got Talent will be stoked for this news!

On Monday, August 10, the 38-year-old singer took to Instagram to share what’s been deemed an urgent memo. “My friend, Simon Cowell, is doing better now but was in an accident and won’t be able to make Tuesday and Wednesday’s live shows for AGT, but no worries America, someone far wiser, cooler, and hotter is taking his seat! The unbelievably amazing Kelly Clarkson [emoji] You’re welcome in advance!” the AGT-emblazoned post read.

Some things really come full circle, huh? In case you forgot, long ago, Simon was one of the very judges who crowned Kelly as American Idol’s season-one winner. And now, she has the chance to fill his seat while he recovers from an electric bike-induced back injury.

Needless to say, fans—ourselves includes—are stoked for Kelly’s cameo on the show.

“You’ll be fantastic! To Simon: heal slowly! Listen to your MD’s... & next time read the directions! 🤪,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Don’t tell him we said so, but we’d rather have you in his spot any day,” another quipped.

“Awwww I love this. Hope for a safe and speedy recovery for Simon. Back injuries are no joke,” someone else chimed in.

Moral of the story? Always read the instructions in order to avoid injury and, if you don’t, remember: Kelly is here to save the day.

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