Kelly Cheung honoured to work with Him Law

12 Aug – TVB actress Kelly Cheung is looking forward to working with Him Law for the first time in their new drama, "The Witness".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who made an appearance at the press conference of the said drama recently, shared that while the two of them have never worked together before, she has met the actor outside of work in the past albeit not much exchange happened between them.

"I am honoured to work alongside Him this time," she said, adding that she will play a lawyer in the drama.

When asked if she will have intimate scenes with the actor, Kelly said that there may be as the two of them will become a couple midway through the series.

Asked if she is not worried of incurring wife Tavia Yeung's jealousy with their romantic scenes, Kelly laughed and said, "There shouldn't be, since we are all actors. But I am looking forward to meeting Tavia on set. She is a good actress and I hope to get to talk to her."

The drama is set to begin filming soon.

(Photo source: Mingpao)