Keith Richards Teases Follow-Up to Rolling Stones’ New Album: ‘There’s Another One in There’

Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones already have nearly enough material left over from the efforts for their latest album, “Hackney Diamonds,” to release another.

The Stones debuted their first record of new songs in 18 years on Friday. It was quickly and widely lauded for a sound that remains relevant more than 60 years after the band’s start.

Richards, in an interview Tuesday with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, said the band used their most compelling licks for the 48-minute “Hackney Diamonds” — but that more remained in the tank.

“I think when we recover from ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ we’ll be giving it a good thought,” the 79-year-old Richards said. “But the reason these 12 are on it, these are the best. Also, you’ve got to draw a line somewhere.”

With a hitmaking producer on board in Andrew Watt — who frontman Mick Jagger said “kicked us up the ass” — the Stones drafted the likes of Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Stevie Wonder. They also used the posthumous backbeats of Charlie Watts on two songs.

While the material’s there, Richards acknowledged the other tunes need to be polished up before being produced for public consumption.

“Some of them, because they’re not totally ready yet, they’re good, but they need a little work,” Richards said. “But there’s another one in there, I think maybe with a few more additions.”

But Richards said he wanted to enjoy the success of “Hackney Diamonds” before embarking on another chapter.

“At the moment, let me get this one out the way, man,” Richards told Apple Music 1.

Richards, in separate remarks to Apple Music, said the album was a pleasant surprise at this point in his life and it allowed him to put his career and the achievements of the Rolling Stones in perspective.

“The fact that our music has managed to become part of the fabric of life everywhere, I feel pretty proud about that, more than any one particular thing or one particular song,” Richards said, before adding a familiar-feeling if not trademark line.

“It is nice to be accepted into this legendary piece of bullshit.”

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