Keeping Palestinian heritage alive through dance

STORY: This is 'Dabke', a traditional Palestinian dance

It's being taught by the Al Hannouneh Society in Jordan

as a way to keep the Palestinian heritage alive

Locator: Amman, Jordan

(Lujain Abu Ghoush, Trainee) “I want to keep a part of the Palestinian culture in me. Though I cannot visit Palestine and visit all the religious places or feel its culture, I want to have something that represents it in me.”

The Al Hannouneh Society was established in 1990 as a traditional music troupe

Millions of Palestinians have sought refuge in Jordan since the foundation of Israel in 1948

(Ruba Al Daher, Head of juniors department/ Al Hannouneh Society) “We try to tell children a little about Palestine in a simple way before we start performing, including discussing where their grandfathers and fathers originally come from. This is the way we do it with young children. As for the adolescents, they already have a background about Palestine but they come to learn more artistic moves and to learn about the intangible heritage including dance. Al Hannouneh society is trying to protect this intangible heritage, so one of the most important reasons why people come is to protect the intangible heritage.”