How to Keep Kids Quiet During Isolation? Nature Enthusiast Lets Daughter Handle Huge Insects

Any parents struggling to keep their kids quiet during periods of isolation owing to the coronavirus may just find some inspiration via Queensland-based mother and amateur entomologist Lisa Van Kula Donovan.

A native of Hervey Bay, Van Kula Donovan is fascinated by all things creepy-crawly, as her Wannabe Entomologist Instagram account indicates, and as this March 15 video shows, she’d like to encourage the fascination among her children too.

In the footage, Van Kula Donovan’s daughter is seen holding an adult female titan stick insect (Acrophylla titan) and an adult goliath stick insect (Eurycnema goliath).

The youngster remains largely quiet during the experience, aside from some concern over one of the giant insects moving.

It may not be every parent’s cup of tea, but it keeps Van Kula Donovan’s daughter entranced, and similar results were seen in November 2019, when her son handled some of her peculiar pets. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful