Kedah MB accuses MIC, DAP of fanning racial, religious sentiments

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Kedah MB accuses MIC, DAP of fanning racial, religious sentiments
Kedah MB accuses MIC, DAP of fanning racial, religious sentiments

Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has accused MIC and DAP of fanning racial and religious sentiments over the demolition of a Hindu temple in the state which he said had nothing to do with his party PAS.

He also told his critics not to appear “drunk on two to three bottles after only consuming one" and "drunk on the toddy of popularity" (mabuk todi popularity).

This is after MIC deputy president M Saravanan, who is also human resource minister, and DAP's Deputy Penang Chief Minister II P Ramasamy took the Kedah menteri besar to task over the demolished temple.

"The case was twisted to create a perception that PAS is a religious extremist that discriminates against other religions," he said.

Sanusi said the temple involved was illegally built on railway operator KTM's land and was only erected a few years ago, not more than 100 years ago as claimed.

"No Indian leaders from MIC and DAP dared to reveal this fact. Instead, they fan racial and religious sentiment to become champions."

He also questioned his critics why they had zoomed in on the temple in Taman Bersatu, Kuala Kedah when similar laws had been enforced on a nearby silat (Malay martial art) facility that was also illegally built.

"Why did MIC and DAP not voice out about the silat court? Senior politicians like them should not appear drunk on two to three bottles after only consuming one," he said.

He stressed that the PAS-led Kedah government was only enforcing the rule of law. He added that there should not be quarrels in the future simply because of being "drunk on the toddy of popularity" and a desire to become "champions of race".

Sanusi stressed that the temple was given a better site for relocation in Alor Setar, but its management decided to return to the original site and was given several eviction notices before action was taken.

"I have clearly said that politicians should play the role of peacemakers as well as defenders of harmony and the rule of law.

"The enforcement of the law and rules is to protect the people as a whole and not to discriminate against anyone," he said.

Not informed

On Dec 3, Saravanan criticised Sanusi of failing to keep a promise to inform him and National Unity Minister Halimah Mohamed Sadique before the demolition of any non-Muslim place of worship.

This is after Sanusi gave the go-ahead for the demolition of the Hindu temple in Kuala Kedah on Dec 1.

“It came as a shock to me to learn that the menteri besar had blatantly disregarded the promise and continued the demolition of a temple in the state recently.

“I am certainly disappointed with the menteri besar's unilateral action to demolish the temple despite his promise to two federal ministers during the July meeting,” Saravanan said.

“This goes against the spirit of a national coalition government and any decline in Indian support for the ruling coalition in the future would be due to these sorts of deceitful actions by the Kedah menteri besar.”

Sanusi was also criticised by Ramasamy who described him as a liability and a burden to the Kedah government.

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Posted by Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor on Friday, 4 December 2020