Keanu Reeves returns as assassin 'John Wick'

STORY: Relentless action scenes aside, the actor and executive producer told Reuters he still feels the film “breathes” in places and is pleased to introduce new characters in the fourth instalment, directed once again by Chad Stahelski.

Reeves said "I feel like the film breathes, you know, I think that it gets more intense and then it kind of expands and gives breath. I mean, we have a lot of new characters in this film, and I feel like Chad Stahelski, the director, really kind of set the table well. And it's definitely intense, but I like it like that.”

He added that one of the key themes was how friendship is manipulated.

He said "It's complicated. I think this film actually, it’s probably one of the themes, like how does friendship, how does friendship and who you are and the choices that you make on kind of different sides."

Asked whether he will return for Chapter 5, Reeves said “I don't know. Yeah, we'll see. I mean, it really depends on whether, how the audience responds to it is really a kind of first step. So hopefully people like it.”

Director Chad Stahelski said “Right now there is a lot of talk, a lot of [INAUDIBLE]. I think everybody wants to make sure that they put all their energies into this particular film and we'll see what happens.”

"John Wick: Chapter 4'" is released on March 24.