Kayan Choi becomes the first Miss HK 19 alumna to join TVB

10 Oct – While the reigning Miss Hong Kong 2019 and her runner-ups are still busy with their pageant duties, their fellow alumna Kayan Choi recently became the first of the batch to sign with TVB.

As reported on HK01, the YouTuber, who only made it to Top 5 in the previously held pageant, recently confirmed with the media that she will be hosting two shows with the company - a travel show called "See the World" and a beauty and fashion variety programme called "All Things Girls".

"I do feel fortunate to have this management contract. I am thankful to TVB and the producers for giving me this opportunity. It's not much, I am still new after all, but it's good for me to learn," she said.

When asked if TVB really preferred her over the other girls, Kayan stated that the company has been nice to everybody who joined the pageant, dismissing the idea that she is their favourite former contestant.

As to whether she will continue hosting or would try acting, Kayan responded, "I am not sure yet, but I hope to see everybody more often on "All Things Girl"."

(Photo Source: Kayan Choi Instagram)