Katy Perry Reveals Her ‘Only Regret’ About Viral Hamburger Dress at the Met Gala (Video)

The Met Gala is known for inspiring some pretty insane red carpet looks, but there are arguably few as eyebrow-raising as Katy Perry’s giant cheeseburger dress in 2019. The singer stands by that outfit; in fact, her “only regret” was that she didn’t use it to its full stunt capabilities.

Perry recently completed Buzzfeed’s beloved “puppy interview” and, while playing with the furry little balls of joy, admitted that the cheeseburger (which technically, she wore to a Met Gala afterparty) is one of her all-time favorite red carpet looks, at least in terms of “having the most fun and getting the most attention.”

But, the “American Idol” judge also admitted that a part of her wishes she’d have acted on a more impulsive thought in that dress.

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“My only regret is that that costume was so, like, padded and like, secure, I could have rolled myself down the Met stairs, and been OK,” Perry said. “But I don’t know if I’d ever get invited back.”

It’s worth remembering that the theme of the Met Gala that year was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” so Perry’s dress, while shocking, wasn’t totally outside the realm of acceptable that evening — except maybe to fashion designer Tom Ford.

That burger dress actually made a second appearance on Perry that year, when she appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down,” publicly ending their longstanding feud.

You can watch Perry’s full comments on the dress in the video above.

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