Katy Kung: Dark Angel is the toughest role I have played

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30 Jul – Katy Kung recently admitted that the chance to play Dark Angel in "Death By Zero" was not something to be wasted, as it meant an opportunity to shed her good girl image and showcase something new in her performance.

In an interview with Mingpao recently the actress revealed that she had gone through various challenges to bring out the character of the assassin Dark Angel, from cutting her hair and getting fake tattoos, to undergoing physical training in order to present a more believable femme fatale character.

"It was the hardest role in my career since I started. I injured my fingers doing an action scene and didn't heed doctor's advice for a two-week rest and instead started work the next day. I couldn't even bend my fingers, but I still had to perform with two knives," she said.

In another instant, Katy said that she injured her foot and decided to stop the bleeding with a cotton pad rather than go and have it stitched up.

"It was really painful to continue the scene, but I just wanted to finish it as soon as possible and only deal with the other things afterwards," she said.

As for her look in the drama, Katy said that it was a request made by the producer for her to change her style, shave and dye her hair and get fake tattoos. Despite her skin sensitivity, Katy said that she willingly did all of it for the sake of the character.

When asked to evaluate her performance, the actress gave herself 70 points, saying that she could have done much better with more time.

(Photo Source: Katy Kung Instagram)

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