Katie Price claims Uri Geller may have cured her son Harvey's blindness with spoon-bending trick

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Uri Geller bent a spoon to help Katie Price's son Harvey. (Getty)
Uri Geller bent a spoon to help Katie Price's son Harvey. (Getty)

Katie Price has said she believes Uri Geller may have cured her son Harvey's blindness using his famous spoon-bending trick.

The model and TV star tells the story of meeting Geller in her book Katie Price: Harvey & Me, due to be published tomorrow.

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When Harvey, now 19, was born, medical professionals suspected he was completely blind because he didn't react to lights shone in his eyes or make eye contact.

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 09: Harvey Price and Katie Price attend the National Television Awards 2021 at The O2 Arena on September 09, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)
Harvey is Katie Price's eldest child. (Karwai Tang/WireImage)

But according to The Mirror, Price, 43, wrote about a chance meeting with illusionist Geller when they were both guests on Richard & Judy, and how he offered to help Harvey, who was a baby at the time.

She wrote: "I remember him saying to me, ‘Let me do something with Harvey. I can guarantee that one day he will see.’ I was thinking, ‘What are you on about? What a load of bulls***!’ We’d been told by doctors that he was blind and he will never be able to see, so why did this guy think he could perform a miracle? Did he think he was Jesus or something?"

But Price, who now has five children, of whom Harvey is the eldest, decided it was worth a shot and Geller began his spoon-bending routine.

BEIJING, CHINA - DECEMBER 11:  (CHINA OUT) Uri Geller performs on stage during a televison show of Jiangsu TV on December 11, 2011 in Beijing, China.  (Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images/Visual China Group via Getty Images)
Uri Geller promised to help Harvey as a baby. (Visual China Group via Getty Images)

She wrote: "He started rubbing the spoon and it started bending right in front of my eyes. I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?!’ He then said to me, ‘Keep this spoon. I don’t know when, but one day your son will see.’"

Although Price doesn't know the extent of Harvey's vision, he does have some sight now and is able to complete artwork and play on the iPad.

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She said that doctors at Moorfields Eye Hospital were fascinated that he was able to see as he still has no optic nerve, and that no one has been able to explain it.

Price added: "It’s so weird. Was it Uri Geller? Or was it because my mum and I had tried to stimulate his eyes from a young age? Or was it just a coincidence? Who knows. Make of it what you will!"

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