Kathy Chow to be laid to rest in Beijing

19 Apr - The family of the late Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow recently announced that she is being laid to rest in Beijing, Oriental Daily reported.

In a statement released by her studio, it was revealed that the family had been searching all over for the most suitable place, before finally choosing "Ruyi Area (Celebrity Avenue) of Tianshou Cemetery in Changping District, Beijing".

They stated that the place not only meets the preferences of Kathy's mother, but also makes it convenient for people from all walks of life to come and pay their respects.

"Kathy liked Beijing very much. She lived and worked in Beijing since she was 36 years old, and it had been 21 years," they added.

In addition to thanking the outside world for their love for Kathy, the studio also said that all social platforms of the actress during her lifetime, including those for her pets, will be retained for everyone.

All of Kathy's social media accounts are retained by the family
All of Kathy's social media accounts are retained by the family

"We would like to express our sincere thanks again to the relatives, friends and work team who provided care and help for Kathy during her lifetime and after her death. Your warmth has accompanied us through this difficult and sad time. We are forever grateful!" they concluded.

The actress, who passed away in December 2023, was revealed to have suffered from heart attack. She was 57.

(Photo Source: Kathy Chow Fanpage IG)