Katherine Ryan says daughter treated differently by some school teachers due to mother’s fame

Katherine Ryan and daughter (Instagram / @katbum)

Candian comedian Katherine Ryan has opened up about her daughter being treated differently by some teachers at school.

Ryan, 39, who has three children, Violet, 13, Fred, one, and Fenna Grace, four months, revealed that her eldest, Violet, believes some of her teachers are “harder” on her because they might dislike Ryan.

“Violet has known who I am since maybe five years old,” Ryan told The Sun. “She totally gets it and gets that not everyone is on TV, but for a time she thought everyone was on TV because everyone we knew was on TV.

“Now she sees the advantages as well as the disadvantages.”

Ryan explained that her daughter believes a few teachers treat her differently due to Ryan’s fame.

In the interview, Ryan recalled a conversation with her daughter, who speculated that some teachers were “harder” on her because they may dislike her comedian mother.

“I was like, ‘Well that’s entirely possible,’” said Ryan.

“There are going to be disadvantages with me being on TV but there are also going to be advantages.”

Ryan continued: “She knows the advantages – sometimes you get to fly to amazing places and go to cool things but the disadvantage is that you’re kind of under a microscope”.

“She likes it overall I think,” the comedian added.

Ryan, who recently appeared on The Masked Singer, has recently spoken out against age gaps in certain celebrities’ relationships.

In February, the comedian criticised The Only Way is Essex star James Argent and his girlfriend, Stella Turian for the age gap between them.

Argent, 34, has been dating the 18-year-old actor and singer for eight months.

Posting to her Instagram Stories this week, Ryan filmed herself cuddling her baby daughter, Fenna Grace, while looking sternly at the camera.

She then zoomed in so viewers could see she was unimpressed.

“Me – a mother – finding out a 34-year-old Towie star has an 18-year-old girlfriend,” she wrote in the caption.

The Independent contacted Argent’s representative for comment at the time.

Also in February, Ryan called out Leonardo DiCaprio amid rumours that he is dating a 19-year-old.

Ryan hit out at DiCaprio, 48, over the rumours, joking that his dating habits – which have seen him criticised for never publicly dating a woman over the age of 25 – are “literally all I’ve talked about for SEVEN YEARS”.

When a follower asked her what “the crime” is, Ryan replied: “No crime, just a creepy pattern.”