Kate Middleton makes surprising admission about favourite food during chat with 109-year-old

The Princess of Wales has made a surprising revelation about one of her favourite foods while bonding with a “fellow Capricorn” during a nursing home visit.

Kate Middleton went to the Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough on Tuesday (21 February), where she met 109-year-old resident Nora, alongside her grandchildren Lynne and John.

While chatting with Nora, Kate discovered that the centenarian had just celebrated her 109th birthday on 7 January, just two days before the princess celebrated her 41st birthday on 9 January.

The wife of the Prince of Wales responded with enthusiasm: “A fellow Capricorn.”

Asked what her favourite food was, Nora said it was kidneys and brussels sprouts. Kate surprised those present during the visit when she said: “I love kidneys too.”

The princess’s time at the nursing home was spent learning how the family-run business is caring for the elderly.

While her focus is primarily on improving the experiences of very young children, Kate’s visit saw her discovering how those at the end of their lives are supported at the nursing home.

Oxford House Nursing Home looks after up to 34 residents and operates a domiciliary care organisation, Oxford House Community Care, which provides support to enable local residents to live independently in their own homes.

Kate heard about how the nursing home uses technology to enrich the daily lives of residents, including an interactive sensory table that was bought in 2020 in response to pandemic restrictions.

She also took part in a pancake-making activity to mark Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, during which she hilariously failed at flipping pancakes.

Kate Middleton tries her hand at flipping pancakes (Getty Images)
Kate Middleton tries her hand at flipping pancakes (Getty Images)

During the demonstration with head chef Anna Wright, she struggled to scrape pancake batter from a frying pan and eventually was able to toss the batter mix, but warned the audience: “Definitely don’t eat that one.”

Kate joked that her children would boycott her pancakes, adding: “Maybe the children won’t want to do pancakes… ‘Mummy, we’ve seen you do it – no way’.”

Additional reporting by PA