Kate Middleton Is Determined to Stay “Resolutely Cheerful” for Her Children

"She remains a ray of light," says one royal expert.

<p>Jane Barlow/PA Wire</p>

Jane Barlow/PA Wire

It's been a busy week for the Wales family. Not only did Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the family is also celebrating the birthdays of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, who were born on May 2 and Apr. 23, respectively. While that packed schedule is enough to make anyone overwhelmed, sources close to the royals say that Kate is staying "resolutely cheerful" for her children.

Royal author Christopher Andersen, whose most recent work is The King: The Life of Charles III, told Us Weekly that Middleton "remains a ray of light in what can often be a suffocatingly stuffy environment behind palace walls."

He also noted that Kate and William's 13th wedding anniversary was a little “bittersweet” for the couple, saying that when “they celebrated their 12th anniversary by releasing a photo of themselves smiling broadly on bicycles, no one could have imagined that a year later, both Kate and the king would be battling cancer."

<p>Jonathan Brady - Pool/Getty Images</p>

Jonathan Brady - Pool/Getty Images

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While it may seem strange to some to include the kids in a wedding anniversary, Anderson shared that since Kate's cancer diagnosis, everything has become an event for the family and that the Princess of Wales is staying positive so that the mood stays light around the house.

“More than ever, William and Kate have reason to include the children in everything and keep the prevailing mood as upbeat as possible,” Andersen continued. “Despite her challenges, Kate is incapable of being anything but resolutely cheerful around George, Charlotte, and Louis.”

<p>Julian Finney/Getty Images</p>

Julian Finney/Getty Images

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Andersen also explained that while we don't know exactly what Kate and William did to celebrate their anniversary, they kept their “tradition to stick close to home." It's safe to assume that the two also exchanged "gifts laden with sentiment." For example, last year, William gifted Kate a replica of her wedding bouquet and a diamond ring that belonged to the late Princess Diana. Kate gave William "a framed sketch she had done of the couple from their student days at [the University of] St. Andrews."

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