Are Kat and John Henry from 'Bachelor in Paradise' still together? Here's what we know

Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock from "Bachelor in Paradise"
Kat and John Henry got together on "Bachelor in Paradise."Craig Sjodin/ABC; Ricky Middlesworth/ABC
  • Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock began a relationship on the most recent episode of "Bachelor in Paradise."

  • Kat previously pursued Brayden Bowers, and John Henry was exploring things with Olivia Lewis.

  • Here's what we could uncover about whether or not Kat and John Henry are still together today.

Kat Izzo from Zach Shallcross' season of "The Bachelor" is easily one of the messier cast members on this season of the spinoff "Bachelor in Paradise."

After getting cozy with Brayden Bowers, Kat ended up leaving Brayden to go on a date with Tanner Courtad. But things quickly went south for Tanner and Kat after Tanner accepted a date from Davia Bunch.

Kat quickly pivoted and set her sights on John Henry Spurlock. Complicating matters is the fact that fellow "Paradise" cast member Olivia Lewis is pursuing things with John Henry at the time Kat makes her move. John Henry, for his part, seems to just be excited that multiple hot women are fawning over him, but ended things officially with Olivia by giving his most recent rose to Kat on the November 9 episode.

But what's happened with Kat and John Henry between the time that episode filmed sometime in June and now? Here's what we could uncover about the status of their relationship today.

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.

Kat and John Henry may have gone their separate ways — or they're just laying low until the heat dies down

KAT IZZO and JOHN HENRY SPURLOCK on "Bachelor in Paradise"
Kat pursued John Henry even though he was paired up with Olivia.Craig Sjodin/ABC

It certainly seemed like Kat and John Henry were together after filming ended when reality TV blogger Reality Steve shared a video of the two together in Virginia Beach on July 8.

Kat and John Henry are still following one another on Instagram as of writing, but neither one of them engaged with the other's posts until October 2023. (It's worth noting that this season of "Bachelor in Paradise" began airing on September 28.) Their Instagram interactions seem mainly limited to liking one another's posts.

Kat recently shared a lengthy message with her followers via an Instagram post caption, in which she apologized for her actions thus far on "Bachelor in Paradise" and asked fans for kindness in light of her mistakes. The post included two photos of Kat with John Henry, taken during their time on the beach together.

Fans were outspoken (and largely pretty harsh) in the comments. While Kat's castmates Blake Moynes and Jess Girod offered words of encouragement amid the criticism, John Henry merely liked the post, despite being tagged in it.

It stands to reason that if Kat and John Henry were still together, he'd likely have offered Kat some support in the (very vitriolic) comments section of her post. Additionally, we'd expect the two of them to have more photos together, and be commenting more regularly on one another's posts if they were indeed a couple. (See: Aven and Kylee.) The only indication on Instagram that they know each other at all comes from the semi-regular likes, and the fact that they follow one another.

While it could be possible that Kat and John Henry are simply keeping their romance under wraps, it's equally plausible that their relationship simply fizzled out after leaving the beaches of "Paradise." Of course there's no way to know for sure until the "Bachelor in Paradise" finale airs, so we'll just need to stay tuned to see how it all shakes out.

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