Karl Stefanovic slams Sydney boys school

After disturbing messages between students at Knox Grammar came to light, the Today Show host slammed both the school and the boys.

Video transcript

- I think it's deplorable. I think this school should be run over the coals. I think if I'm a parent at that school, I'm pulling my kid out. I think this is one of the most disgusting things and despicable things I've seen. Yes, you can say, oh, they're boys will be boys, whatever, but this goes way too far. And I don't think the school would have done anything if Mark hadn't raised the story, or they may have done a small amount of things.

This school's got form. This is the thing that we need to eliminate. How are we expecting these kids to grow up, these boys to grow up and respect women when they're circulating this sort of rubbish around themselves? I mean, they need to be absolutely pulled over the coals, these kids.