Karen Unmasked: White woman barred from KL Dior insists she was the victim (Video)

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An unmasked white woman was spotted arguing with staff today outside a Dior outlet at the Suria KLCC shopping mall.

The unidentified woman was complaining about a faulty bag from the luxury retailer and alleged that she was pushed away by a staff member when she tried to enter the store.

“When I went to walk in, he put his hands on me and pushed me away,” she could be heard saying in a recording of the encounter. She also appeared to be recording staff with her own phone.

Update: Who’s that Karen? KL anti-masker sought as white residents apologize for her behavior

Twitter user DFEfiercefun posted the video today, tagging the health minister and his ministry in her tweet.

“Was in a [queue] at @Dior KLCC!!! No entry for no mask!!! This lady resisted and said those with masks are [communists]!! Applying ‘white entitlement’ in Malaysia!! Kudos to the @Dior KLCC and @SuriaKLCCMall staff @Khairykj @KKMPutrajaya please find and fine her!!!” the caption said.

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Neither Dior Malaysia nor Suria KLCC had responded to inquiries via phone and email as of publication time.

Online, hundreds questioned how the woman managed to enter the mall without a mandatory mask in the first place. Some praised the staff at Dior for standing their ground. Those caught without masks in public spaces may be fined up to RM10,000 (US$2,400).

The coronavirus continues to be in retreat in Malaysia, which yesterday recorded 5,726 new cases, down from a late August peak of more than 20,000 per day.




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