Kanye West apparently went to the Atlanta United game and may have been kicked out of some seats

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Kanye West apparently attended Saturday's Atlanta United FC game, but he didn't stay long. West may have been kicked out of some seats shortly after the game started.

As with most things related to West, that sounds both entirely plausible and completely fictitious. Let's go over the various reports from social media to determine whether West was actually at the game, and whether he got kicked out of some seats.

Both rumors started after New Yorker writer Charles Bethea tweeted out a photo alleging West was kicked out of seats that belonged to one of Bethea's friends.  

West is supposedly the person in the red jacket with the nylon covering over his entire head. Another video emerged where that person briefly waves to fans who call out "Kanye." 

His face is covered in nylon, so it's hard to know for sure if that's West, but it's at least plausible that's him. 

Did Kanye West really show up at an Atlanta United game?

There's a fair amount of evidence that suggests that's actually West. For one, we know he was in Atlanta. West debuted his new album "Donda" during a listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium — which is where Atlanta United plays — on Thursday. Photos from the event show West wearing that exact outfit, complete with nylon head covering.

There was also a report suggesting West and his crew were put in the visitor's locker room before that event, and apparently kept everything set up there before Saturday's game. 

Because of that, Atlanta United's opponent — Columbus Crew — reportedly had to use a different locker room prior to Saturday's game. 

As for whether West and his group were kicked out of their seats, we don't really know if that's the case. Evidence suggests it's possible, but Atlanta United hasn't officially said anything about whether it moved West from someone else's seats. 

Was West actually at the game? We're inclined to say yes. It's always possible that's not West, and it's some part of an elaborate, weird prank by the rapper. You can't count that out when West is involved. 

But it seems like that's actually West trying to take in an Atlanta United game. It's unclear whether West was able to stay and watch the rest of the contest ... or when "Donda" — which was promised to come Friday — is actually going to be released. 

Kanye West at Mercedes-Benz stadium.
Kanye West is a big Atlanta United fan, apparently. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Music Group)

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