Kansas Volleyballer's Family Makes Contraption So She Can Practice During COVID-19 Quarantine

A volleyball player with Kansas’s Great Bend High School team found an inventive way to keep practicing while at home during the coronavirus lockdown, video posted April 21 shows.

In this video, Zoe Jerke uses plywood boards, a basketball hoop, and a clever device made of pool noodles to practice her serves, spikes, and sets. The video, taken by Jerke’s mother, Kristy, was posted to the official Twitter account of the Great Bend Panthers volleyball team.

The team wrote, “Zoe’s mom filmed this, and her dad and brother helped make the contraption … Zoe wants to inspire others to continue working hard during this time!!”

Kristy Jerke wrote: “So Zoe saw something similar to this when looking for ideas for an at-home VB workout. She asked her dad and her brother to build something for her … I think they nailed it!!” Credit: Kristy Jerke via Storyful