Kaman Kong admits past rumours with Vincent Wong depresses her

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31 Jul – Kaman Kong recently admitted that previous rumours linking her to married actor Vincent Wong had really affected her mental health situation at the time.

As reported on On CC, the actress who opened up about the past rumours that started when the two of them worked together on "Fist Fight", stated that it was the first time that she even got into the gossip pages, which was very stressful to an inexperienced celebrity like her.

"I couldn't understand why it was that way. I didn't even do anything. I didn't know how to handle it. I even went to other actors, producers, and directors for help. They told me to treat it as a joke as the news have to be juicy for the publicity," she said.

At one point, said Kaman, she even avoided Vincent Wong for a couple of days to prevent more misunderstanding.

The situation was so unbearable for her that the actress said that she almost took her own life.

"I couldn't believe that a cast photo would end up with such a story. I couldn't control my emotions and even had second thoughts about being in this industry. I wanted to end my life. I really did," she said.

However, she assured that she didn't inflict any self-harm in the end, and were able to calm down after expressing herself on social media and getting the help from friends in the industry.

"But I was depressed for a few months. I didn't want to see other people. I thought that if I talked to another male artiste, people will think I am trying to pursue him. If I talk to another girl, people will think I like her," she said.

Kaman said that it was not until her mother asked her to share her feelings that she realised she has been neglecting to turn to her family. She added that she now talks to her family whenever she feels unhappy.

(Photo Source: Kaman Kong Instagram)

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