Kamala Harris Hosts Philippine President Ferdinand R Marcos Jr for Breakfast in Washington

US Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Douglas Emhoff hosted Philippine President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R Marcos Jr and first lady Liza Araneta Marcos at their residence in Washington for a breakfast on May 2.

Video filmed and released by Radio Television Malacanang (RTVM), the Philippines’ presidential broadcast service, shows the two couples exchanging pleasantries outside the Vice Presidential residence on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory on Tuesday.

Harris could be heard saying that the “strength of the alliance between the United States and the Philippines is probably stronger than ever” and spoke of “mutual prosperity and security,” specifically mentioning the South China Sea.

Marcos commented on the strengthening of relations between the US and the Philippines amid the “rising tensions in our region.”

According to reports, a group of protesters gathered near the residence chanting, “The Philippines is not for sale.” Credit: RTVM via Storyful

Video transcript



- How is that water?

- OK. OK.

KAMALA HARRIS: Well, Mr. President, welcome to our home, and First Lady. It is good to see you again. Of course, you gave such a warm welcome during my visit in November of last year. And the Second Gentleman was honored to be with you for your inauguration. And I know the President and you had a very meaningful and good meeting yesterday.

And I'm looking forward to our time together this morning. But I want to thank you because the strength of the alliance between the United States and the Philippines is probably stronger than ever. Under your leadership, we have been able to continue to do the work that we have, that is a priority around our mutual prosperity and security. During my visit to the Philippines, we discussed many issues, including the importance of a clean energy economy. You and I share a passion for that.


KAMALA HARRIS: As well as issues that relate to food security and what we must do around digitalization. And on the issue of security, of course, the work that our countries are doing together, as it relates to the South China Sea, as it relates to what we must do in terms of continuing to work together through our Coast Guards. I was honored to go to Palawan. I went there after you and I met.

FERDINAND R. MARCOS JR: Oh, that's right, yeah.

KAMALA HARRIS: And met with the fishers there and met with the Coast Guard.


KAMALA HARRIS: Which the US and the Philippines, our Coast Guards are working together in that region


KAMALA HARRIS: Very closely. So again, welcome, welcome and it's good to see you both.

FERDINAND R. MARCOS JR: Thank you, Madam Vice President. And I can say that the visit, this visit of ours to the United States to see President Biden and yourself, you laid the groundwork for it, really. Doug Emhoff was also part of the process. And I think that that has given us the very, very, very attractive opportunity to continue to strengthen the relations between the two countries, in the face, in the context of all of the criticalities and complexities, the rising tensions in our region of the world.

And once again, we turn to our American partners. You are our only treaty partners in the world.

KAMALA HARRIS: Yes, of course. Yes.

FERDINAND R. MARCOS JR: And It is natural, after all the different cycles of the link, as in any friendship, it is with the over 70 second time link, and yes? Like any friendship, they grew up, you grew up through many cycles. And I think this is an upside now to that cycle.

And we're very, very happy to be here to get this opportunity to speak with you and to have spoken with your President. So thank you very much.

KAMALA HARRIS: Welcome, welcome. Yes, please, come in.

LIZA ARANETA MARCOS: Let's not stand.

- Morning. Great to be here.

KAMALA HARRIS: Great to see you again.

- Nice to see you again.

KAMALA HARRIS: Thank you. Welcome.

- Nice to see you again. Right here.

KAMALA HARRIS: Good morning, everyone. Some blocks.


It's so much more robust and rich in terms of how we think of ourselves. And with that, welcome, Mr. President, and First Lady. Welcome. Cheers. Cheers.

- Cheers.


KAMALA HARRIS: In 1893 this house was built.


KAMALA HARRIS: And it was--


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