Kaleidoscope: Netflix tells viewers how to watch series ‘as a Tarantino film’

Netflix has given viewers instructions for how to watch its new series Kaleidoscope “as a Quentin Tarantino film”.

The series, released on the streaming service last week, is non-linear, meaning that all of the episodes bar the finale can be watched in any order.

Viewers have shared their own theories regarding the optimal order to watch the episodes, while some have made sure to warn others of one important mistake to avoid.

On Twitter, the official Netflix account shared four suggestions for the order in which to screen the episodes.

The first option suggested is in chronological order, with episodes lined up to follow the timeline sequentially from 24 years before the heist, through to its six-month aftermath.

Secondly, Netflix proposes a way to watch the series “as a Tarantino film”, jumping around in time between the past, present and future. Tarantino has been known for deploying similar non-linear plot structures in films such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

The third possibility instructs fans to watch the series in the style of Orange is the New Black. The Netflix prison drama utilised flashbacks prominently in its storytelling as it explored the lies of its various characters before they ended up in jail.

As a final suggestion, Netflix provided an order that would allow fans to experience Kaleidoscope “as a classic detective mystery”.

The proposed viewing orders can be seen in full here:

In a three-star review for The Independent, Nick Hilton described the series as a “simple, pleasurable rollick through the business of ultra-tight security and the crooks who seek to undo that”.

“And it’s an effective portrait, wholly enjoyable as a twisty thriller in the mould of The Italian Job or Gambit,” he added. “It’s fitting, then, given all the timeline scrambling, that Kaleidoscope is best viewed as a throwback.”

Kaleidoscope is available to stream now on Netflix.