Kadazandusun Cultural Association proposes Joseph Pairin Kitingan as next Sabah governor

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KOTA KINABALU, Sept 28 — The Kadazandusun Cultural Association today proposed its paramount leader Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan as the next governor when the term ends for the current Head of State.

KDCA secretary-general Suman Yasambun said that Kitingan, a former chief minister, fulfils all the criteria required to be considered for the post, and also hailed from the most populous ethnic tribe — the Kadazandusun in the state.

“He has also served the state as a chief minister and the Kadazandusun community has recognised him as their paramount leader with the title of ‘Huguon Siou’.

“We propose him for the post after considering all the criteria as listed in Article 2 of the State Constitution, which does not take into account religious beliefs.

“This is in line with one of Sabah’s rights as outlined in the Malaysian Agreement 1963, which is religious freedom,” he said.

One of Sabah’s safeguards under its terms when it formed the Malaysian Federation in 1963 was not to have an official religion in the state. The State Constitution was amended in 1973.

Suman said that this is part of the KDCA’s effort to push for state rights under the MA63.

Sabah has never had a non-Muslim helm the title of Yang di Pertua Negeri among its ranks The current Head of State is Tun Juhar Mahiruddin, who has held the post for 11 years. His term ends in January next year.

Kitingan, 82, is the founder of the Parti Bersatu Sabah and was its president until he retired from active politics in 2018.