K-Pop Stars BTS Discuss Vaccines, Environment in UN Speech

Korean pop stars BTS addressed the United Nations on September 20, during the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment event.

Speaking in at the second such event, J-Hope said, “Some of you heard the news that we were coming to the UN and a lot of you were wondering whether we were vaccinated. And yes, all seven of us, of course, we received COVID-19 vaccination.”

Addressing climate change, the singer said, “We feel an encroaching sense of dread that our time on this Earth is limited.” He continued, “I shudder to think about mourning for the Earth.”

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are “a blueprint for fighting poverty and hunger, confronting the climate crisis, achieving gender equality and much more, within the next ten years,” according to the United Nations website.

The group previously gave a speech at the United Nations in 2018. Credit: United Nations via Storyful

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